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Sports Head Basketball Unblocked

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Sports Head Basketball is a very addictive and interesting flash game even for those who don't love basketball and prefer soccer. The game is very simple - you have to win all the matches in the championship or become the leader of the table and finish in top 3. At the beginning of the game you will be able to choose your team and your player. All teams in the Sports Head Basketball are real, I mean they are not made up - they are the most popular NBA teams. As soon as you choose player, set difficulty and joined the championship, you can start playing.

In Sports Head Basketball you are given only one minute per match to win or to loose. Your mission is to score and get the highest number of points. If you manage to score from your side of the stadium - you will be given 3 points, if not - 2 points. The player with the higher number of points wins the whole match. During the season you will have to play a lot of different matches, keep an eye on the standings and try to win at least in Top 3.

There are a lot of power-ups in Sports Heads Basketball that you will notice during the match. Some of them are useful, for example I love the one that freeze your enemy or the one that makes you bigger. But there are some of them that will downgrade your skills, for example make you tiny or break your hand.

In addiction to the standard power-ups which you will notice during the match, you can buy upgrades using in-game money. You can update your skills and make your jump higher, and running skills better. Score as much goals as you can to get the money and buy upgrades.

There are several things that I really enjoy in the Sports Head Basketball Unblocked, one of them is variety of stadiums. All of the stadiums are different that makes that whole game more interesting and addictive. Hope you will enjoy the game at our website.